veganuary logoI have decided to go Vegan for January.

Sounds simple enough – avoid all foods with animal products in them for a month.

So far so good – managed to make a cup of tea and put Alpro Soya milk in it rather than regular cows milk.

So why go vegan?

For me there are four reasons:

  • it is better for the environment. Animal production a huge user of this planet’s resources.
  • it is better for me (part 1). I eat a lot of processed poor quality foods. Hopefully I will be cooking more so eating better.
  • it is better for me (part 2). I need to lose a few pounds and cutting out lots of the rubbish I eat will definitely help.
  • it is better for animals. Do we really need to eat them? I think not.

So as middle aged, over weight bloke I am not your obvious candidate for being a vegan but may be that is all the more reason to do it.