2014-01-02 17.28.01

At least the main meal wasn’t a fail lentil curry with fried mushroom and tomato. Delicious.

So second and third days of Veganuary didn’t go too well from a vegan perspective. It turns out I have managed to slip up twice already.

Slip up number one came from the “surely that must vegan” school of thinking. As someone who has been a vegetarian for the majority of my adult life, there are certain products that you assume will be vegan. One of those is quorn.

Having had quorn mince, burgers, sausages and even fake bacon for years, I naturally assumed that that quorn products would be vegan. They are made out of mushrooms right? Turns out they contain egg – and in some cases milk. Why? I thought the whole point of quorn was that it was free from animal protein. I have sent an email to quorn to ask why as they FAQs are pretty clear that they contain egg and milk.

Slip up number 2 is a little more understandable but no less frustrating. The New Covent Garden soup I enjoyed on New Year’s day has no animal based ingredients or any allergen warnings that they may include traces of them. So I bought  a couple more flavours in the skinny range. Again no animal based ingredients or allergen info. However,  when I email them to confirm they said that only the following soups are vegan:

•       Slow Roast Tomato & Basil
•       Chilli Bean & Red Pepper
•       Skinny Tomato, Vegetable & Green Lentil
•       Tomato & Grilled Vegetables

So the very tasty Skinny Quinoa and Turtle Bean is actually not vegan even though there is nothing to indicate this. Grrrr. I have emailed them back to find out what the problem is.

Fortunately my main meal on Thursday was an reheated and added to version of  lentil curry from Wednesday and as predicted by @thehippychick33 it tasted even better than the first time. Just for you @TheHippyChick33 I have included a photo too.