Skinny-Tomato-and-LentilDecided to skip breakfast mainly due to massive over eating on New Year’s Eve.

Lunch was easy as I had been out and bought a few easy lunches including some new soups from the New Covent Garden Soup Co. Today’s choice was Tomato and Vegetables with Laird Lentils. Oddly the soup is only described as vegetarian on the pack and on their website but there are no ingredients which are not vegan.

So I sent them a quick note to see what the answer was:

Could you let me know which of your soups are vegan? The very helpful allergy advice page doesn’t say which are vegan. Also the new Skinny soups which all would seem to be vegan are not included on the FAQ allergy page.

I’ll let you know what they say.

Evening meal was an old favourite. Lentil curry using red lentils and a few left over bits of vegetables, baked beans and chopped tomatoes. Delicious and even managed to persuade one of the kids to eat it with me.

As terrible snacker not being able to eat the chocolates, Christmas cake and other Christmas leftovers is probably a good thing. I did have a few peanuts as mid-afternoon snack but much less than I would normally eat.

So day one proved uneventful and pretty tasty.