“A little bit of Politics” was Ben Elton‘s catchphrase during the 1980s when Thatcher was at her height and Britain seemed a pretty scary place to be. Politics has not been a theme of this blog and I don’t intend for it to become so. But in the week Margaret Thatcher dies it is hard to not touch on matters political. I could tell you stories of marches and demos, MI5 and arrests, strikes and protests in Thatcher’s Britain. But I won’t. No retelling of stories can ever be impartial. So instead let the stats speak for themselves.

Using the World Bank approved methodology for calculating inequality we can see society got 50% more inequitable during the Thatcher years. Trickle down? I don’t think so.  So while we may mourn the loss of a person called Margaret, we must never forget what she did to make Britain a worse place for most people.  Of course, just as guilty are the boys from New Labour who managed to do nothing in 13 years of power to reverse the change she had made.