CaptureI am taking a short Udemy course from Seth Godin and the first task is to take 10 mins to answer these questions….

  1. One organisation I worked lost a big client 10 years ago and the business lost millions and almost went down. The same organisation lost an even bigger client a few years later and hardly missed a beat. The leader was the same both times – he learnt from the first time to make the second (and no doubt subsequent occasions) much easier. He set a course and rebuilt the organisation to cope with it.
  2. Leadership is when you set a course and take people with you. They come on the journey not because you bully, bribe or cajole them, but because they believe in the vision too.
  3. Yes – leadership is a choice, but it is rarely the easy choice. Most times we revert to following our learned habits and behaviours.
  4. The change I am trying to make is to make online shopping easy for all. Any time, any place, any channel, any where.

I imagine there will be more to follow!